Complaining about government websites

I was recently asked what would be the appropriate proceedure for complaining about the content of a state government website - specifically a West Australian government site.

According to the Department of Premier and Cabinet, the complaint should be directed to the department in question first, and if there is an unsatisfactory outcome, then directed to either the State Ombudsman, Equal Opportunity Commission or Office of Health Review - depending on the nature of the complaint.

Department of Premier and Cabinet have a site setup outlining the steps involved here: .au/

The State Ombudsman and Commonwealth Ombudsman are the primary channel for complaints about government administration:


The Australia Broadcasting Authority have a complaints section for Internet material - generally they deal with content which is considered illegal: /online/complaints/index.asp

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner also have a complaints section - again they recommend you address the complaint to the department in question first: /privacy_rights/complaints/


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