It's official - the FSF has lost the plot

I think perhaps the FSF ( Free Software Foundation) should reconsider the reason for their existence. Their recently launched " BadVista" website supposedly dishes up the dirt on why Vista is "evil" and free software alternatives are "good".

Don't get me wrong here - I am sure there are many "bad" things about Vista - just like any other operating system out there - but surely the FSF should purely be promoting alternatives not just dishing up the FUD 90's style.

How about some facts

Of course if they legitimately do think Vista is the source of all evil - then at least they should back it up with some actual reasons and solid examples. Instead they link to speculative articles where it is OBVIOUS the author has not actually bothered to research the facts.

Such claims as:

"Vista introduces a new variant of SMB ...which may pose problems for those connecting to non-Microsoft networks, such as Samba on Linux".

Ahh... may? So they are not even sure? I can connect no problems to our home SMB server running on Linux.

How about:

"For Vista to perform adequately, PCs may need significant hardware upgrades."

Again... "may". What does that actually mean? My machine is almost 2 years old. It runs superbly. Sure the Celeron 466 in the corner "may" not run vista - but surely a 5 year old machine can be excused?

I could go on and on (they were the first 2 examples on their list of top 25 reasons), they article goes down hill from there.

If FSF foundation REALLY want to highlight issues with Vista, they need to provide solid REAL arguments not speculative FUD pieces.


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