The iPad is too heavy

It has been pointed out by several 'leading' journlists that a significant problem with the recently released iPad is excessive weight.

According to the official iPad specs, a WiFi iPad will weigh in at a massive 680g - apparently this is proving far too heavy for children, and journalists wives:

"Do they expect you to read with this for any amount of time?" she asked. "I wouldn't." She also noted that since it's uncomfortable to hold the iPad at a regular reading distance, her reading glasses were ineffectual..."

The Guardian

I mean NO ONE would bother to hold something that heavy for any length of time, say, ooohh such as... books:

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - 806g
  • Tim Winton's Dirt Music - 740g
  • The Irvin Welsh Omnibus - 818g
  • The Ultimate CSS Reference - 832g

I would have weighed a bible - I am sure that would top the lot, but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your particular outlook) the closest thing I could find was Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion - which was a relative lightweight at 550g.


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