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  1. Scotch College design

    Design for Scotch College website built using Spring CMS.

    Published: 15 April 2009

  2. Windows Live Writer

    Published: 11 October 2006

  3. Last Day

    Today marks the last day in partnership with Haymarket.

    Published: 28 February 2006

  4. Why no one is repurposing XHTML

    One of the most significant advantages of the separation of style from content is the ability to re-purpose your content - not just expose it to <insert arcane/featureless/console/browser name>.

    Published: 2 January 2006

  5. XSL Child Selectors

    I recently implemented a new method of adding plugins into pages in Spring - and inspired by Microformats, I decided to examine utilising existing xhtml tags to specify the plugin instead of creating our own XML tags.

    Published: 19 November 2005

  6. New RSS Feed Address

    I finally added dates to my RSS feed, and also took the opporunity to create a friendly URL - much more 'Spring' like. Please update your RSS subscriptions!

    Published: 8 November 2005

  7. Shortlisted for the WA Web Awards - Updated

    Two of my sites had been shortlisted for the WA Web Awards.

    Published: 18 September 2005

  8. New Comment System

    I have whipped up a new comment system for this site, that will eventually be merged into the SpringCMS.

    Published: 12 August 2005


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